Geography Optional Question Paper | WBCS Mains – 2020

Geography Optional PYQ 2021


  • If the questions attempted are in excess of the prescribed number, only the questions attempted first up to the prescribed number shall be valued and the remaining ones ignored.
  • Answers may be given either in English or in Bengali but all answers must be in one and same language.
  • Illustrate your answers with suitable sketches and diagrams.
  • Answer any five questions, taking at least two from each group.

Group – A

1. Examine critically the concept of Isostasy as put forward by Sir G.B. Airy and A. Pratt. Classify
earth movements and mention the resultant landforms in brief.  25+15

2. Account for the increase of greenhouse gases and discuss its impact. Make a comparison between the origin and characteristics of tropical and mid-latitude cyclones.   25+15

3. Classify natural hazard and explain in detail it’s reduction and management. Correlate population and environmental quality. 30+10

4. Discuss the fundamental concept of GIS (Geographical Information System) with particular
reference to the use of RS (Remote Sensing) data in GIS. Distinguish between a Satellite with a
Geo-stationary orbit and a Satellite with a Sun-synchronous orbit. 30+10

5, Classify ocean deposits on the basis of origin, elements and location. What are the factors influencing the distribution of temperature and salinity of ocean water? 25415

Group – B

6. Analyze critically the economic growth model propounded by Gunner Myrdal. What are the
drawbacks of Webrian Model of industrial location in the contemporary world of globalization?  30+10

Discuss how Malthusian theory of population growth differs from the Marxist concept of population growth and its control. How does the age structure affect the growth of population? 30+10

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