Geography Optional Question Paper | WBCS Mains – 2021

Geography Optional PYQ 2021

Time Allowed — 3 Hours

 Full Marks — 200


  • If the questions attempted are in excess of the prescribed number, only the questions attempted first up to the prescribed number shall be valued and the remaining ones ignored.
  • Answers may be given either in English or in Bengali but all answers must be in one and same language.
  • Illustrate your answers with suitable sketches and diagrams.
  • Answer any five questions, taking at least two from each group.

Group – A

Answer Question 1 and any two from the rest.

1. Examine critically the concept of Isostasy as put forward by Sir G.B. Airy and A. Pratt. Classify earth movements and mention the resultant landforms in brief. 25+15

2. Account for the increase of greenhouse gases and discuss its impact. Make a comparison between the .origin and characteristics of tropical and mid-latitude cyclones. 25+15

3. Classify natural hazard and explain in detail it’s reduction and management. Correlate population and environmental quality. 30+10

4. Discuss the fundamental concept of GIS (Geographical Information System) with particular reference to the use of RS (Remote Sensing) data in GIS. Distinguish between a Satellite with a Geo-stationary orbit and a Satellite with a Sun-synchronous orbit. 30+10

5. Classify ocean deposits on the basis of origin, elements and location. What are the factors influencing the distribution of temperature and salinity of ocean water? 25+15

Group – B

Answer Question 6 and any two from the rest.

8. Evaluate the concept of space in Geography. Discuss with examples how social processes affect
social behaviour. 20+20

9. Explain the evolution and hierarchy of urban settlement. Classify urbaii settlements based on its functions 20+20

10. How agricultural development can be related with the regional development? Explain the issue with the help of rural development programmes in India. Distinguish between formal and functional regions.

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